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ISA’s Tactical Driving School: High Risk Mobility Training

Serving those who serve!  Learn life-saving skills in High Risk Mobility Training at Tactical Driving School!

What is High Risk Mobility Training at ISA’s Tactical Driving School?

ISA is the acronym for the International Security Academy located in Starke Florida.  ISA was established in 2012 by professional rally racing enthusiasts that wanted to bring their knowledge of European Rally Racing to our military men and women, as well as to, our first responders. 

This rally style of driving is the perfect platform for our Tactical Driving School.  High risk mobility training is a special type of driver training designed to improve specific skills that will increase survivability odds.

Today, The International Security Academy (ISA) is the country’s foremost tactical driving school.  We are proud to train our nation’s most elite warriors.  ISA is an unconventional tactical driving school that provides advanced, multi-surface, high-risk, mission survivability, and rally driver training. You will not find any cookie-cutter training here—we push the envelope like no one else! 

What is ISA's High Risk Mobility Training, tactical driving school at The FIRM

Why take a High Risk Mobility course at ISA?

ISA’s tactical driving school trains high-speed vehicle dynamic skills for mission readiness across varying terrain.  The terrain allows instruction that capitalizes on rally driving techniques used by professional rally drivers.

Rally driving occurs at high speeds, across varying surfaces, around obstacles, and is timed event; much like deployment conditions.  Unlike many other track racing events, rally driving techniques are meant to be used in uneven and varying unpredictable terrain.   The number one cause of fatalities is vehicle control loss during surface transition changes at high speeds. 

ISA tactical driving courses offer the ideal terrain to learn how to properly manage surface changes.  The cadre includes rally drivers, professional stunt drivers, and former special forces instructors who specialize in crash avoidance at high speed. 

These survivability techniques reduce fatalities and prolong the vehicle’s serviceability. 

ISA’s tactical driving courses save lives! 

In addition to high-speed driving, ISA also teaches students how to think outside the box. Students will receive all the necessary tools to prepare for any vehicle movement before, during, and after each mission. 

What High Risk Mobility Courses are offered at ISA’s Tactical Driving School?

ISA’s diverse terrain makes all driving styles possible.  We can teach High Risk Mobility Training, Off-Road Driving (ORD), Tactical Operators Driving Course (TOC), Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT), Executive Protection Driver (EPD), Motorcade Operators Course (MOC), Mobile Force Protection (MFP), Protection Security Detail (PSD) with or without role players, munitions, and all possible scenarios or combinations thereof. 

  1. Rally High-Speed Multi-Surface:  All rally stages and road courses can be run with any vehicle platform the training mission dictates; front or all-wheel drive rally cars, SUVs, up-armored Land Cruisers, low profile sedans, or ATVs and UTVs. This course incorporates 20 miles of configurable rally stages across a 1.6 mile curvy and technical racetrack. Units can train across dirt, lime rock, sand, tarmac, waterbeds, and dense forestry in the same training cycle; transitioning from loose surface to paved roadway and back to hard pack surface. (see our blog: What is Rally) 
  2. 4×4 Off-Road:  This tactical driving course spans 400 acres of variable terrain; dirt, water, sand, mud, lime rock, paved tarmac, and dense forestry. Courses are connected to our firing ranges, rally driving stages, and our paved road courses allowing Mission Essential Task Lists (METL) to be completed expeditiously. Training iterations occur at high-speed with transitions across off-road, paved surfaces, and into low-speed tank traps and uphill climbs. In our tactical training, we can also incorporate night vision and high-speed asset recovery while taking fire. 
  3. PSD/Motorcade: ISA provides advanced PSD Motorcade tactical driving course training for low threat executive protection protocols to high threat PSD packages using simulated up-armored vehicles. ISA’s cadre has decades of mission experiences, in high threat theaters, from Baghdad, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Israel. Training makes maximum use of the vehicle as both a tool and as a weapon to protect the principal and complete the mission. 
  4. ATV/UTV: ROHVA and POLARIS Certified; ISA offers advanced “train-the-trainer” courses as well as customized military and tactical driving courses. ISA’s multiple tracks and courses range from 1 to 23 miles in length with up to 150 obstacles. Advanced training incorporates winching courses and deep-water crossings with all types of surfaces and conditions. ISA uses Polaris and commercial ATVs and UTVs. 
  5. Weapons and Tactics in and Around Vehicles:  ISA provides tactical firearms training and has six firearm ranges which can be accessed from our road course and rally stages to allow engaging 360-degree targets from vehicle platforms. The ISA campus adjoins US Army 20th Special Forces Group at Camp Blanding which has an extensive firearms range system with a modern IED detection course.
  6. Vehicle Maintenance and Expedient Field Repairs: It is not “IF” but “WHEN” equipment breaks down due to over-use, mishandling, or just accidental.  Murphy’s Law…  breakdowns will most likely happen when it is least expected and at the worst possible time or location.  ISA trains operators to be prepared for the unexpected.   We teach students how the vehicles work.  With mechanical understanding students are then readily able to quickly diagnose problemsfind a quick in-field repair or emergency workaround.   ISA teaches students how “to take care of your equipment so it will take care of you”. 

Who is the High Risk Mobility Cadre at ISA?

ISA instructors are all highly experienced and trained in advanced vehicle control and high-speed vehicle dynamics. Every Instructor at ISA has a minimum of 7 years (and our Lead Instructor has over 20 years) experience training students on all surfaces, terrain, and in all vehicle platforms to include, rear-wheel drive (RWD), front-wheel drive (FWD), all-wheel drive (AWD) cars, trucks, SUVs, as well as all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and utility terrain vehicles (UTV) – both during the day and at night. 

Our instructor base is a broad mix of former and current SOF personnel, former and current race car drivers from various disciplines, as well as master mechanics and fabricators. 

Our instructors must be able to pass a driving test on all platforms as well as properly articulate information to students of any driving experience.   

Where does High Risk Mobility Training at ISA’s Tactical Driving School take place?

The ISA facility is located on 400 acres of property next to Keystone Heights Airport in Starke, Florida. 

All tracks, classrooms, ranges, and training facilities are located on a single, secure site controlled by ISA.  The strengths of the ISA campus are that all classroom facilities, road courses, dirt tracks, and skid pads are located together and can be interconnected to one another to create countless training scenarios that simulate real-world driving challenges.

Our tracks can be configured into innumerable different training courses and scenarios to tailor each class to the client’s specific needs. 

ISA is located in Central Florida adjacent to the Camp Blanding Army Base. Due to our geographic location, we are able to train 12 months a year.

Our average temperature per year is 79.2 degrees Fahrenheit, our elevation is 196 feet, and our annual precipitation is 50.4 inches.

Keystone Heights Airport is a functioning airfield with a 5000-ft. runway capable of landing a C-130 aircraft. ISA has agreements in place that enable us to make use of the extensive range systems at Camp Blanding. ISA has an onsite DOD/DOJ approved Armory for securing all weapons, ammunition, and sensitive items.  

Bottom Line

ISA’s tactical driving course is designed to serve those who serve with lifesaving training.  Tactical driving courses provide all students with unique driving skills and a mindset that will help them when deployed, patrolling our streets, or driving around with their families.  

These tactical training courses are proven to save lives by improving overall confidence in every driver.  We can instruct anyone, in any vehicle, and on any type of terrain; to cover all scenarios; a student may ever face.  Our tactical driving courses prepare students to confidentially handle any new driving situation.  Training onsite ensures drivers are not tested for the first time in the field, under high-stress situations but rather in here in a safe environment so they can build up muscle memory for real-world scenarios. 

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